jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

Views from the Latinamerican Tower, Mexico City

I was so glad to visit the Latinamerican Tower, the colors over Mexico City change from hour to hour, this time it was so contaminated, I saw it like that for the first time from the hight. Anyway its always a pleasure to go up and drink a coffee with a peace of cake while you're writing something or studying for the class. Then comes the sunset and the lights of the city appear, that moment inspires me!
When I was a child I suffered agoraphobia and aerophobia, but not anymore. Just a little detail, the elevator feels horrible, more if the make a lot of stands, or if you go up and down many times. You must prepare yourself.

The elevator lady looks very used to it.

I share with you some pics. If you go up anytime I hope you tell me if you liked it! We got a deal!

Una canción que hice a mi Ciudad de México - Ciudad de noche

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