viernes, 13 de mayo de 2016

The note you never wrote (Paul McCartney's song)

Paul McCartney has been my biggest influence in music, I definitely learned to sing with his voice and his piano, there's no doubt about my favorite Beatles songs are the songs he wrote. It's been a little while ago since we can access to all music in the world from Mexico through the internet. When I was a teenager there was this show on a radio station called Universal Stereo dedicated to The Beatles music, and I recorded a lot of songs in tapes. That's how I knew this song "The note you never wrote" , I loved it, it has a very dark atmosphere and the lyrics are so strange. It's not a very famous song, at least not in Mexico. I decided I would make the cover sometime, but I just got the resources to do it, I mean, a nice guitar and my computer, and here you are! I hope you like it :D

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